There is something really special about sitting at a dinner table with good friends, good food and plenty of wine. Especially when it is with a dear friend who is about to move to another country, which definitely added a bittersweet note to the evening.

Siobhan and I met a little over three years ago when she got a job at the advertising agency I work for and was seated in the work station next to me (that is really just a fancy word for cube). We instantly bonded over a love of happy hours and cooking. One of my first memories with Siobhan included frying plaintains with a delicious cilantro oil dipping sauce.

Siobhan is an amazing cook. She cooks with a lot of patience (the bolognese sauce below simmered for hours and hours) and a lot of flavor. Some of my favorite meals are ones that she cooked for me, not only because they are delicious but because they always include a lot of wine and great heart-to-heart conversations.

In addition to the bolognese sauce, Siobhan made a spring green salad with homemade vinaigrett and bought fresh pasta from Broders, a pasta bar in Minneapolis.

The recipe for the amazing bolognese sauce is from Food Network’s Tyler Florence.