Is it possible to have an actual crush on a company? Well, if it is, I have one on Cocoa and Fig. This is probably the third time I’ve posted about them, but the place is freaking awesome. I walked around the Farmers Market today in Minneapolis and stopped by their stand on 7th and Nicollet to check it out for the second time. Today they had gorgeous cupcakes so I purchased a vanilla bean cupcake and a black velvet cupcake (their version of red velvet, more made with more chocolate).

I got back to the office and cut the cupcakes into fourths (again, that damn Weight Watchers) and shared with a coworkers. I’m not lying when I say there were five of us in my office with our eyes half closed enjoying the hell out of these cupcakes. They were awesome. And only 2 for $4.

Photo credit: Cocoa and Fig