I celebrated my first ever Cinco de Mayo with good friends Siobhan, Tom and Matt. We made an amazing dinner. I played the role of sous chef and Siobhan was the executive chef. The guys provided great company.

The (freaking fabulous) menu:

Homemade margaritas (translation, I squeezed juice out of 12 limes, Siobhan made symple syrup and zested lime for a lime-salted rim). They were amazing!
Tomatillo salsa (click here for the recipe, http://eatdrinkpretty.blogspot.com/2009/05/salsa-verde-recipe.html)
Chicken enchiladas verdes (with shredded chicken, tomatilla salsa and queso fresco)
Pinto beans
Corona Light

I will post recipes for the tomatilla salsa (salsa verde) and chicken enchiladas verdes soon. By the way, I just love the word tomatillo, say it three times out loud and you’ll love it, too.