I received an anonymous comment the other day on my wedding post below and wanted to address it. Someone inquired about the budget of my wedding. I am very open to sharing my budget, if you are interested, please email me at eatdrinkpretty@gmail.com and I’ll send you my (very detailed and nerdy) excel spread sheet broken out by element (reception, flowers, attire, etc).
It’s easy to get lost in a beautiful wedding magazine or image on theknot.com and dream about having a great wedding, but in reality, how much do you really have to spend? Weddings are not cheap and the more people in attendance the higher the cost. I had a fairly large wedding (210 people) but Erik and I were in our late 20′s when we got married and decided on a budget we were comfortable with and could afford (kind of).
I like elements of weddings that are DIY and contain a personal touch. The most important thing is to prioritize which elements are the most important to you and your fiance and spend the budget accordingly. I didn’t want to be limited in the decor area or food/booze. I wanted amazing centerpieces with crystals and tons of candles and it was important to us to serve a decent amount of hosted liquor (which ran out faster than we could have imagined), butler passed horsd d’oeurves and steak for dinner. Because we splurged a bit in those areas, I DIY’d all the paper products (invites, rehearsal dinner invites, menu cards, place cards and table numbers).
What is missing in the market is a website or magazine that is completely transparent on wedding budgets. All brides love looking at real weddings, but what if you are drooling over a wedding that is $150,000? Photos from a $20,000 photographer sure look pretty, but how attainable is that for most brides?
Anyway, email me and I’ll send you my budget spreadsheet. No matter what your thoughts are on how much I spent on my wedding, I honestly believe that a beautiful wedding can be achieved on any budget.

My splurge: pretty flowers/decor. Photo credits to Sewell Photography.