My younger sister’s best friend just found out she’s having a girl. Katie (my sister) is throwing a baby shower for her in October and has already begun planning for this special party. Her vision is a bird theme with gorgeous stationery, a dessert table with pretty cupcakes and bird/nest decor throughout.

Katie put together this lovely inspiration board to help her through planning, isn’t it great? If any of you are interested, inspiration boards literally take 15 minutes to throw together and they are more helpful than you would think in planning a party. Email me at if you are interested in step by step directions or if you have an upcoming party that you’ve created a board for and I’ll post it!

This is the “before” of the party, the vision and the planning stage. After the party, I’ll post photos to show how Katie executed the bird-themed shower. I am sure it’ll be fantastic.

Email me if any of the above photos are yours and you would like credit or request to remove them.