Going out for ice cream is such a sweet treat, especially on a summer evening with your girlfriends. Last night Melanie, Kristin and I met at Grand Ole Creamery to celebrate Kristin’s upcoming 29th birthday.

Times like this are when being on Weight Watchers plagues me, and I practically drooled on the frosted glass cases filled with hundreds upon hundreds of different flavors. What I really wanted? Peppermint Bon Bon in a waffle cone. What I ordered? Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet. Now before you feel too sorry for me, the sorbet was delicious! It was refreshing, not too sweet with the perfect lemon and raspberry flavors. And only 2 points, woot woot!

Melanie ordered a coffee-flavored ice cream cone which was delish (I stoled a tiny bite) and Kristin ordered two different flavors and I think they were strawberry and cookies n’ cream. You can tell she enjoyed it by the photo below. I wish I had a picture of Melanie as well because if you ask me, they are two of the cutest gals around.

Grand Ole Creamery is an institution. The weather wasn’t even that great last night (threatening to rain) but there was a huge line outside the store just waiting for the creamy goodness. I think many of the guests are lured in by the sugary, waffle-cone aroma that wafts onto Grand Ave as you walk by. Irresistable.