Sunday morning brunch. Good friends. Adorable location. Amazing food. Great weather. Patio seating.

Sound perfect? It was!
Erik and I met my best friend Kristin and her boyfriend Tim at Cafe Twenty Eight on Sunday morning in Linden Hills, Minneapolis. Before Kristin suggested Cafe Twenty Eight I had never heard of it, but there will definitely be a second trip. The restaurant is family-owned, many ingredients are organic and from local farms. Everything we ate was delicious.
I had a breakfast burrito, Erik and Tim had egg scrambles and Kristin had an onion and gruyere quiche with a pear salad. She also had a blueberry pancake. Kristin is a tiny little thing but she can eat A LOT (she runs marathons and does triathalons), while I’m on Weight Watchers and had to excercise restraint to only eat half of my breakfast burrito. I could have eaten two of them.
Check out the food pics, yummy!!!
I haven’t spent a lot of time in Linden Hills but oh my goodness, what an adorable little haven. There were about 5 more restaurants I walked by that looked amazing (Rice Paper restaurant, Zumbro Cafe to name a couple).

Check out those potatoes, and that organic chicken sausage was amazing.