My hubby and I were in need of a day where we spent quality time together. He let me choose so I planned a walk around Lake Calhoun, a stop at Tin Fish and then dinner at Burger Jones.

To make a long story short, poor Erik’s allergies got so bad part of the way around the lake that we had to cut our plans short and head home. So no Burger Jones for us (though I had a feeling that paying $10 for a malt was going to suck anyway).

Despite the allergies, Erik suffered through 20 minutes at Tin Fish. In the three and a half years I lived in Uptown in my mid 20′s I never ate at Tin Fish, for some reason I thought it seemed like a touristy spot and avoided it. After going there, I thought it was a sweet little place and I’m glad we stopped in for calamari. Though I think pretty much anything fried taste good, this calarmari was awesome, crispy but substantial enough to taste the squid. I did think it was a bit pricey though.

Tin Fish calamari = good
Crabby husband from allergies = not good
Overall date = need a re-do

We’ll make up for it sometime soon. Maybe we’ll celebrate the last few days of summer on the patio of Cafe Lurcat with bernaise fries and a lavendar martini (for me, not him). Or does anyone have suggestions for a fun date night?