Sushi is fabulous and when you are spending the evening with two awesome gals with cocktails, sake and prosecco it is bound to be one fun night. And that is exactly what I did with Maija and Brooke a couple weekends ago. The three of us work together at my ad agency gig and usually at the office it is mostly work and no play. So we decided we needed some more “play” and set a sushi date at Brooke’s house.

Maija took a sushi making class at Whole Foods a few months ago and brought all that great knowledge to us. On the menu was edamame, Mexican rolls and a salmon philly roll, all delicious. The class only included already cooked seafood such as tempura shrimp and smoked salmon so we didn’t get too adventurous but we’ll save the raw stuff for another day.

I can’t divulge the secrets of making good sushi rice because Maija brought it over pre-made. Other things you will need:

Mexican Roll
tempura batter
peanut oil
deep fryer

Salmon Philly Roll
smoked salmon
cream cheese
cucumbers (seedless)

pickled ginger
Nori (seaweed)
Bamboo sushi roller (I have no idea if that is what it is really called)

Maija highly recommends taking the Whole Foods class and I have been trying to get in for a couple months now and they are so popular they always have waiting lists.

I ate way too much but everything was delicious, thanks for the fun night ladies!