I love the holidays so much. To me they represent so many wonderful things; family, friends, lots of baking and cooking, comfort food, time off of work, relaxing, festive cocktails, and warm fireplaces.

My family tradition includes hanging out at my parent’s house with my siblings, their significant others and my aunt. We eat a pretty non-traditional meal of lasagna, garlic bread, and usually some type of champagne cocktail that I come up with. We then sit around the tree and open presents and hang out. Most years we go to church around 10pm and sing Silent Night with everyone holding a single candle. To me, that is Christmas.

Erik’s familly tradition includes a huge meal made by his mom that includes prime rib and lobster tails. We eat way too much and lounge around on the couch all evening drinking tomato beer (a North Dakota classic).

I’d love to hear your holiday traditions. Leave me a comment or shoot an email to eatdrinkpretty at gmail dot com.

Enjoy the holiday inspiration board I created, of course, the majority of the images are either food or cocktails!

{Photo credits: Real Simple, EZ Chef, Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn, Reader’s Digest}