{Photo credits and recipes: Martha Stewart}

I’ve eaten polenta a bunch of times when dining out, but it never occured to me to include it in my cooking repertoire. For some reason I was intimidated by polenta but fortunately that disappeared when I attended a Whole Foods cooking class last week. The creamy polenta with goat cheese dish was so easy!  And oh my god…so good.

Polenta is made from ground yellow or white cornmeal.  It is very easy to prepare, just add water, the cornmeal, heat and stir.  The texture is smooth, like a porridge I guess you could say.  Any type of cheese can (and should!) be added for a delicious savory meal.  It can also be baked, grilled and served cut up into bars like those shown above.  Or made into a quick bread.

Today’s post was inspired by that class and my newfound love of polenta. How amazing do all of these polenta recipes look? Click below for the recipes (all from Martha Stewart):

Mushroom Polenta Diamonds
Polenta Quick Bread with Lemon and Thyme
Baked Polenta Squares with Mediterranean Toppings
Fried Polenta, Eggs, and Sage
Grilled Polenta and Balsamic Mushrooms
Polenta Wedges

Do you have any ingredients that you were intimidated by but have since conquered? Comment and share!