{Photo credits: Martha Stewart}

A recent Whole Foods cooking class has created my new-found love of quinoa.  Also, I’m sort of ashamed to admit that Weight Watchers has taken a back seat and I’ve been on a eat-everything-I-see-including-Cheetos-and-all-fried-foods diet the past couple weeks (have I ever mentioned that I actually LOVE junk food?  Especially Cheetos.  Uh).

I don’t know why but I tend to do that; Weight Watchers religiously for 2 months than binge eat for a few weeks.  So I’m hoping that focusing on quinoa may help me get back on the healthy-eating train.

Plus, let’s get real…it’s approaching Spring in MN and there will be no more hiding behind bulky sweaters and winter jackets!


Fennel and quinoa salad with parsley and dill 
Quinoa and turkey patties in pita with tahini sauce 
Quinoa spinach bake
Greek style quinoa burgers 
Quinoa and apple salad with curry dressing
Stuffed poblano peppers in a chipotle sauce