{Photo credit: Megan Gordon / The Kitchn)

It’s Thursday which means this evening no technology is allowed in my house (for background on that, read here). Erik and I have a fun night planned that includes making dinner, drinking wine and playing Yahtzee.  We are making this goat cheese and swiss chard pasta I found on The Kitchn.

I’d like to try something new today…I want to ask you, dear readers, if you stop by Eat Drink Pretty today to leave a comment.  I’d love to get to know you all better!  If you are a regular commenter, thank you so much!  Your comments and feedback help feed this blog and my passion for it.  And all readers, whether you comment or not…THANK YOU!

If you have time, I would so appreciate a comment today, we can call it “come out of lurking” day.  Hmmm, or maybe we won’t call it that, kinda cheesy.

Comment ideas:

  • What you’re having for dinner
  • Your favorite meal (would love if you included a link to a recipe!)
  • Just say hello and introduce yourself!
I look forward to your comments!  Have a wonderful Thursday!