Thanks for stopping back for part 2 of my Colorado trip! 

On Monday we headed to Estes Park for a hike and the scenery.  Wow, it was simply beautiful.  We couldn’t have asked for bluer skies or a more perfect day. 

We went on a leisurely hike and stopped for many photo opps.  Amy, Melanie, Nick (Lobo), me and Kristin.  PCG baby!  Sorry…that’s a highschool thing.
Nick impressed us with his rock-jumping.  Seriously though…this is a cool photo isn’t it?
See what I mean about that blue sky?

Nick and his awesome girlfriend Jillian.  We love her.  Don’t screw this one up Lobo!  Just kidding, you are both super lucky to have each other.  A perfect pair.
We drove back to Fort Collins and Amy had to leave for the airport.  The rest of us gals had a little happy hour back at Nick and Jillian’s loft.  Nothing like a nice glass of Pinot Noir after an active day.

For dinner on Monday we went to Coopersmith’s Pub.  Kristin and I shared a great black bean burger.  We are now inspired to recreate it for summer BBQs.  I think it had wild rice in it which gave it a really great texture.  Oh and I may have had one too many vodka soda’s this evening…

Melanie left early Tuesday morning and Kristin and I had the entire day to hang out in Fort Collins.  We had breakfast at Little Bird Bake Shop, an adorable cafe that had amazing thyme and potato quiche.  Kristin had baked oatmeal and hot chocolate (yes, that’s a homemade marshmallow!).
Pretty Kristin.
Enjoying some green tea and wishing I never had to leave…
After breakfast we went shopping and Kristin spent a bunch of money at this awesome little boutique called White Balcony.  They carry clothes, accessories and home decor.  It was one of our fave shops in Fort Collins (along with Sole Mates, of course!). 
Just when you think we couldn’t possibly eat yet another meal we lunched at a Mexican place called Beach House Grill.  They had $2 tacos on Tuesdays and I had an awesome fried grouper taco.  The guacomole was really tasty, as well. 
Kristin and I toasted to a wonderful vacation with a Corona and then headed to the airport (where our flight was delayed!)…we finally made it home around 11pm on Tuesday evening. 

Wow, what a freaking awesome vacation.  Jillian and Nick, I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and total awesomeness. 

Mel, Kristin and Amy…you ladies will always be my besties and I loved every moment we spent together on this trip!  Can’t wait to do it all over again next year!