{Photo credit: Kitchy Kitchen via TasteSpotting}

First I’d like to say TGIF.  Seriously.  I’d like to add an extra “F” in there if you know what I mean.  The week back to work after a fabulous vacation is not easy.  But I know I shouldn’t complain.  The farmers market in Minneapolis was lovely yesterday and the weather has been really nice.

This evening I am co-hosting a Sip n’ See baby shower for my friend, Natasha.  I’m sure you remember her blessingway and the first day we met sweet baby Jude?

The (subtle) theme for the shower is a black/white/lime green and city chic.  My friend Shannon came up with almost all of the ideas and Emily and I are bringing some food and drinks (lots of apps, champagne, wine and a vodka bar).

I am making blinis (they are traditionally Russian, Natasha is Russian plus I thought the sophistication of the appetizer fit in nicely with the city chic theme).  I also am made the champagne cupcakes I made for Natasha’s blessingway, which she loved.  I spent my evening baking cupcakes and flipping mini pancakes which was fine since it was “no technology Thursday”.  Erik apparently didn’t get  the memo, and was glued to the TV watching basketball.

What are your weekend plans?