It is getting late on Sunday night and Erik is already sleeping from a fun, hot, food-filled day. These photos pretty much sum up the first couple of days in Florida.

Beach. Drinks. Family. Fun. Food. Love.

My cute parents are on the left and my sister and brother-in-law on the right. 
We made a great mother’s day brunch.  On the menu; mimosas, coffee, mango, stuffed french toast, hashbrowns and bacon. 

A bunch of us enjoyed the hot sun on a patio with drinks, overlooking the bay. 
Erik loves raw oysters.
My younger brother Joel’s girlfriend, Katie and half of our group enjoying a seafood dinner on a patio.
My honey and I.
My sister, Katie and I.
My sister and her husband Drew.

I’ll be posting photos all week and may also sneak in a real party or two.  Stay tuned!