{Photo credits: Martha Stewart}

I am hosting a bridal shower for my good friend Libby in July. The subtle theme is a black and white classic shower, with a focus on great drinks and really good food.

Libby LOVES bread. Seriously loves it so much. For Valentines Day one year her fiance gave her a huge assortment of it. Baguettes, multigrain loafs, breadsticks, etc. It was funny, but also the best gift ever, for her at least.

To incorporate her love of bread into the shower I am going to have a crostini bar. I’m thinking there will be baskets and trays full of grilled baguette, simply brushed with olive oil and a hint of garlic. I’ll have bowls filled with different toppings, and people can build their own. A crostini bar! Fun, right?

Here are some topping recipes I may give a try for the crostini bar:

Artichoke parmesan crostini
Grilled tomato bruschetta
Goat cheese crostini with fig compote
Proscuitto basil crostini
Goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes crostini
White bean and caper crostini