{Photo credits and recipes: White Custard Tart / Bon AppetitRed, White and Blue Parfaits / Martha Stewart, Kir Royale / Martha StewartFruited Cheesecake Flag / Martha Stewart, Champagne Punch / Martha Stewart, Trifle / Martha Stewart}

I am cheating a bit and repurposing an inspiration board I made for last fourth of July…but why try to recreate something that’s already gorgeous?  Plus, I didn’t end up making any of these delicious-looking recipes so maybe I’ll give one a go this weekend.
Right now I am sitting in bed trying not to melt into a puddle.  It’s going to be 95 today in Minnesota and it was close to 100 yesterday.  Just in time for the air conditioner to give out at home.  You know how hot it felt?  So hot my poor kitty slept on top of the nightstand because the smooth wood was a bit cooler than his little carpeted stoop.  Poor guy.
I am off work today and so happy about it.  On my agenda this weekend: a whole lot of nothing.  Typically Erik and I stay in town while most everyone in MN flocks up north to their cabins.  We did that one year (at a friend’s cabin) and ended up getting stuck in such terrible traffic that we are now tainted.  Instead, we try to get projects done around the house and spend time together.  I desperately need to clean the house today and I’ll be using some awesome products I was sent by Mrs. Meyers and the Caldrea company.  Check them out, have you ever washed your hands with a soap called Sea Salt Neroli?  Yeah, me either. Anyway, the products are environmentally friendly and have gorgeous packaging.  They are also a Minneapolis-based company so I have no problems giving them a shout-out.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Would love for you to comment and share your plans.