As I mention last week, my weekend plans were to relax and get projects done around the house.  But we mixed all that in with a bit of fun.  

My weekend summarized:

Fun.  Relaxing.  Quality time with my honey. Ridiculously filling brunch with my parents. Happy hour with my siblings. Sushi dinner with some fave colleagues. Oh and a drive-in movie attempt (meaning, we packed a cooler with dinner and beer, went to the drive-in only to find out it was full). Who knew so many people went to the drive-in still?

These are photos from the happy hour with my sibs and Erik at Salut on Grand Ave in St. Paul; great happy hour, awesome patio. $3 small plates, $4 taps, wine and wells. Plus, their fries are some of the best I’ver ever had. And that means a lot coming from a gal who would marry fries if she could.

I also got a chance to wear a new, cute wrap dress that Fresh Produce sent me (being a blogger sometimes means free products, in exchange for a mentions/review on my blog. Hey…if the product is cute and/or actually something I would use, I gladly accept, wouldn’t you?)

Amazing fries with bernaise.
Artichoke pizza.

Erik’s bacon cheeseburger was a beautiful thing and it deserved two photos.

Fresh Produce is a clothing company that reached out to me and offered to send me a dress and I gladly accepted.  They actually sent me two dresses, both of which were super cute, unfortunately one was a bit small so I’m going to give it to my sis and if she likes it I’ll post a picture of her in it at a later time. 

Fresh Produce is an online retailer and the line is also carried at a bunch of stores and retailers nationwide, including Macys.  The dress I’m wearing is the Cafe Wrap dress, in truffle.  I really like it, the material is super comfortable and the dress is fitted but not too much so I can still pig out on fries and still feel (sorta) skinny.  So that’s a major plus. 

You can see the dress on the model and then a regular person, aka me (above).  So normal people (aka me) look pretty good in it too.  And don’t even get me started on how many photos my husband had to begrudgingly take in order to get one, halfway decent shot of me.  In my front yard.  With neighbors watching.  Yeah…it was kind of weird and now I’m reminded why Eat Drink Pretty is a blog about food and parties and not fashion.

Anyway, check out Fresh Produce, they have a bunch of cute daytime dresses and party dresses.  And if you buy anything, I dare you to try to make your husband take 50 photos of you wearing it and send the best one to me. I can then show my husband and prove to him he is not alone in the crazy things husbands do for their wives. 

Have a great Tuesday!