{Photo credit: Onto Baby}

I am pregnant.  16 weeks actually.  Last night I decided I am finally ready to make the big announcement.  My friends have all been wondering why I haven’t made the news Facebook/blog official.  I guess I was waiting until another dr. appt (which I had yesterday) to hear the beautiful sound of the baby’s heartbeat. This was actually the third time Erik and I have heard the heartbeat and we’ve seen baby L during two ultrasounds.  I’m a worrier.  But now I’m finally feeling like…yes, there is definitely a baby in there since my belly is getting rounder and the pounds on the scale are increasing.

I am so excited, happy, thrilled, hormonal…all those crazy emotions first time mommas feel.  A few things I’ve learned about my pregnant self over the past few months.

  • Cooking/baking has been low on the priority list. I haven’t had a huge appetite lately and I’m sure you’ve noticed that the blog has majorly lacked in this area.  
  • When I do have an appetite I crave sweets.  Big time.  Remember the couple weeks in a row I obsessed over pie and donuts?  Well, now you know why.  Some people say craving sweets means I’m having a girl.  We’ll know in four weeks!
  • Weddings are a whole new experience now (being sober).  Instead of enjoying cocktails I eat cake, lots of cake.  And dancing at 11pm is a bit awkward.  I am definitely not as cool as I once thought.  
Eat Drink Pretty is not going to turn into a mom blog.  But I will continue to blog about my life and events taking place within it.  So that probably means baby/mom/belly mentions will become more frequent.  But I promise not to give weekly updates on how much weight I’ve gained and I’ll certainly spare you on pictures of my growing belly!