{Photo credits: Martha Stewart}

I got home at a decent time yesterday evening all prepped and ready to make chili and these mini cornbread pudding muffins.  I cut up vegetables and got the ground beef browning (actually Erik did that part).  Once the chili was simmering I starting gathering the ingredients for the cornbread.  Um…I was out of corn meal.  Massive fail.

Well we did have chili and it was delicious.  Luckily we had some oven bake biscuits to (sort of) make up for the lack of cornbread muffins. If you want to be more prepared than I was, check out the recipes below and don’t forget the corn meal!!

30 minute chili
Mini cornbread pudding muffins 

You may have noticed a lack of food posts with my own food photos.  Not only have I slacked off big time in the kitchen, my camera has sort of been in semi-retirement.  My weekends have been so busy I barely have time to bake and then when I do, I’m too tired or lazy to stage a food photo shoot.  Once wedding season is over I promise to get back into the kitchen and back to practicing my food photography.  I do miss it, after all.

Last night was the perfect evening for chili; a bit gloomy with a chill starting to fill the air.  My honey and I relaxed all evening and watched TV.  It was lazy and awesome.