Summer flew by so fast.  And I’m sure you are all just as amazed as I am that is is pretty much over.  There is a hint of chill in the air in Minnesota that tells us fall is coming. And while I love summer, it’s busy weekends and craziness at work has got me welcoming fall with open arms.

A lot of fun events took place over the past few weeks and today’s post is a little glimpse into my August.

I planned and hosted a bachelorette party for my friend Libby.  Her wedding is in just a few weeks!  I planned a wine-themed party with wine tastings, a private party at a winery, dinner at a wine bar and dancing to end the night.

A couple weekends ago I headed up north to Breezy Point for a weekend bachelorette party for my friend Nicole.  Her Maid of Honor, Jodi planned a cabin getaway on quite possibly one of the most beautiful weekends in the summer.  We went on pontoon rides, had bonfires with s’mores, a Mexican fiesta with margaritas and about 200 jello shots that were gone within 24 hours.

Erik and I spent Labor Day at his mom’s cabin in North Dakota.  We had a relaxing couple of days with lots of great food, sunny boat rides and a stop in a blooming sunflower field.  North Dakota is actually really beautiful this time of the year.

I rarely make it to North Dakota in the summer months.  Erik and I visit in April for Easter and December for the holidays.  There is always snow on the ground and it seems like quite a bare place.  During the summer fields on blooming and everything is green and pretty.
Erik’s mom makes delicious meals and way too much food.  On Saturday evening she made Erik’s favorite, chicken and dumplings.  These are the dumplings after they have spent the day rising.
Delicious s’mores bars made by Erik’s mom.  These are very indulgent and worth every bite.
The lake was perfect on Sunday. We spent part of the day on a pontoon slowing driving round and round the lake.  The high was only 68 but Erik still managed to get sunburn.  Why do guys refuse to wear sunscreen?

And that, in just a few photos, was the end of my summer.  Pretty, wasn’t it?