Last Saturday my younger brother Joel, brother in-law Drew, friends Biffer and Dan participated in the Randy’s Premiere Pizza Challenge. Doing this was something Drew’s always had on his bucket list and he’s been looking forward to it all year.  He recruited a few guys he had high hopes for and the rest of the story is history.

Note, my hubs Erik did not participate because he knew he wouldn’t be a very good contestant.
My brother in-law, Drew and younger brother Joel.  They were excited and ready to take on the challenge. 
The four guys had to eat a 30″ pizza in 30 minutes.  Doesn’t sound too challenging, does it?
When the pizza came out of the oven it looked HUGE. And smelled awesome. 
The guys later admitted that jalepenos were not the best choice as one of the toppings.Ready. Set. Go! The guys started off with a steady, strong pace.  15 minutes in we all thought they for sure had it in the bag.
We were wrong.  With about 7 minutes to go all the guys started to slow down. And they they basically sort of just…stopped.  As in they each held a piece of pizza in their hand but were unable to bring it to their mouth.  Biffer had a gag reflex about 6 times.  EW. 

They threw in the towel with about 3 minutes to go.  FAIL.  My whole family was there to watch and my mom lovingly called the guys a bunch of losers when the 30 minutes were up.

They boys were disappointed, as you can see pictured above.  They really did give it their all though. 

Good try guys.  Maybe give it a shot again next year???