Our day 3 plans got a little off track when we awoke to fresh snow on the ground, and still accumulating. So we made breakfast (pancakes, finally!) and then headed to the lodge to see what the front desk had to say about the roads.

Unfortunately, we were informed that the roads were slippery and there were numerous reports of cars in the ditch. So driving into Grand Marais was out of the question. Instead, we sat in the lodge, drank hot chocolate, hung out the entire morning and watched the snow fall.

We stayed in the lodge for lunch and ate comfort food. A burger with fries for Erik and a buffalo chicken sandwich for me. Yummy. And so not healthy. Oh well, we’re on vacation after all.

The rest of the day was spent in our cabin, watching movies and playing Monopoly. 
We ended Monopoly with a tie because the game was going on forever.

Despite the change in plans, it was a wonderful day.  Best part? Erik felt the baby kick! His eyes lit up and it was an awesome moment. 

Tomorrow we may drive into Grand Marais if the roads are better, otherwise we’ll have another lazy day in the cabin.