This is what my Thanksgiving will look like. Not shown is the mass chaos that my family creates. What you can’t hear is the sound of dogs barking, my siblings talking over each other, my parents bickering, and (a new one this year!) a sweet little baby girl crying (my niece Chloe).

I love Thanksgiving so much. It’s my favorite holiday. Yes, even more than Christmas (though Christmas is as close of a second as you can get). I love the chaos that comes along with my crazy family. I love cooking the turkey with my sweetie, even though at the last hour we always stress over its doneness. Will it be moist enough? Is it overcooked? Why the hell isn’t the digital thermometer working!?

Here is our Thanksgiving menu:

Baked brie with pecans
Smoked oysters with cream cheese and crackers (Erik must have these appetizers, he grew up with them)
Artichoke dip
Mushroom tartlets

Main course
Parmesan sage turkey (I am attempting to use an oven bag this year to ensure a moist turkey, have any of you tried this method? Any tips/tricks?)
Mashed potatoes
Green bean casserole
Stuffing (my aunt makes this each year and it’s delicious)
Cranberries (simple, just the canned kind, my sister’s favorite)
Pickles (another fave of my sister’s)

TBD (my brother and his wife are in charge of dessert)
By the time dessert rolls around I’m rarely hungry but this year I will save lots of room for my sweets!

Sparkling juice