{Photo credits: GAP}

These aren’t must haves, they are “my baby girl already has” them items.  Someone please take my credit cards, PayPal account, debit cards, and any cash away from me. And please let me NEVER walk by Baby Gap again.

But seriously, how can you not indulge in these things?  I’ve never seen anything cuter.  And the ONLY reason I bought that hat is because my little girl will be about 4 weeks old on Easter and I just keep thinking about how she’ll be my cute little bunny in this hat.  I mean….are these thoughts even rational?

Etched rose bubble dress
Bunny hat and mitten set
Cable knit empire dress

You can also follow my obsession of cute baby girl clothes on my Pinterest board.

In my defense (Erik, if you’re reading this) all these items were on sale, I promise.