So maybe this is a post that you’d be more likely to see on a mom blog, but these things have been on my mind and so you’re seeing them here on Eat Drink Pretty.  I hope you don’t mind.

I am 33 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has been flying by. So fast. I heard that pregancy goes by slowly and that has not been true for me at all. Now watch I say that and the next 7ish weeks will drag by….I think it helps to keep busy (and I definitely have been with work, baby showers, getting the nursery ready, etc).

Lately I’ve been thinking about packing the hospital bag.  A few mom friends/colleagues have said to be prepared and have your bag packed.  A few of them have went into pre-term labor and ended up running around the house throwing items into a bag and not having the things they needed. 

There are some great hospital bag check-lists out there and so obviously the items I have pictured above aren’t comprehensive (I didn’t include things like nipple cream, etc)…but if I have forgotten anything glaring, please comment and let me know.  Or are there any unexpected items that wouldn’t show up on a check-list that you would suggest I bring? 

Here is a list of my must-have items so far:

1.  Coming home outfit for Juliet: I found this sweet vintage rose one piece that I adore.  I can’t wait to see my baby girl in it!  I’ll bring an alternative option or two in case this one doesn’t fit.

2.  My iPhone: I don’t leave the house without it so of course I’ll be sure to have it with me in the hospital.  I have started a labor/delivery playlist on my iTunes and also plan to bring speaker adapters.

3.  Infant car seat: I received this Maxi Cosi car seat for a baby shower gift from my mother-in-law.  Erik and I plan to install it in our car within the next week or so.  Question for you mommas out there, I’m thinking about adding an infant insert for more support in the car seat.  I’ve heard these are actually not supposed to be used because they take away from safety of the car seat.  Is this true?  This is the one I’m thinking of using.

4.  Camera: I’ll be sure to pack my Canon Rebel xsi.  I have no clue if Erik will remember to take a single photo or if I’ll remember to remind him to, but I really hope we are able to capture some great images of our sweet girl.

5.  Diaper bag: I am in love with my Timi and Leslie Charlie bag.  It was a gift from my family at my baby shower.  It’s HUGE and will fit everything I need (I think).

6. iPad: do I need this?  I thought it might be nice to have to pass the time; watching movies, etc. 

7.  Chap stick: I’ve heard that hospitals are very dry and to not forget lots of chap stick.  My fave is vanilla-flavored Soft Lips.

8.  Video camera: I have a flip cam and I love it because it’s small and super portable.  Again, who knows if we’ll remember to take video, but I hope so.

9.  My favorite lotion: Bliss Sage Body Butter.  I love the way it smells and it moisturizes well without being greasy.

10.  Laptop: I’m thinking of bringing my MacBook Pro…but is this overkill on the technology?  I thought perhaps I’d be ambitious and upload photos from my Canon…but maybe I won’t even have time to think about doing this?  I know I can always use my phone to text friends/family photos.

11: Boppy: when I visited my sister-in-law in the hospital when she had baby Chloe she had her boppy and seemed to use it a lot.

12: Breast pump: do I need to bring this to the hospital???

So what do you think? What am I missing?  What am I planning on bringing that is completely ridiculous?  I’d love your advice!