{Photo credits: Martha Stewart and Taste of Home}

Erik and my friends and family have been amazing/thoughtful/kind/supportive over the past couple weeks. They’ve provided company, meals and many gifts for our little girlie.

I thought I’d post a few of the meals that were brought over that fueled us for days and allowed us to not have to think about dinner beyond running the microwave. Also, these meals were tasty!  Note, the recipes linked aren’t representative of the recipes my friends/family actually used.

Lasagna – My brother and sister-in-law brought over lasagna. Actually, three different sets of friends/family brought lasagna. You would think that was lasagna overload but it wasn’t. Erik and I love it. And each one was different enough that it didn’t feel like we were eating the same thing.

White turkey chili – My brother and sister-in-law brought over chili a few days after bringing over lasagna. They recently had a baby and know how nice it is to have people bring over meals. The chili was amazing along with the bag of lime tortilla chips that I devoured over the next week or so (I believe I’ve already mentioned how hungry breastfeeding makes me?!)

Potato pizza casserole – sounds kind of strange, right? But it was awesome. Total comfort in a bowl. Erik LOVES any kind of casserole and this was right up his alley. Thanks to Mel and Justin for making this for us!

There were many others that stopped by with lunch (my parents brought gyros, yum!) and awesome desserts (Libby brought homemade pie, twice and Kristin brought the most amazing ice cream from a local ice cream shop) that I haven’t listed here but you get the idea. Erik and I are blessed for sure.

This week has been a bit slower.  The weather has been terrible in MN so I am truly cooped up with strict orders from my husband not to leave the house.  The little gal and I have been trying out playtime on the play mat and we’ve been reading stories and of course the always constant eating/cuddling/sleeping.  Maternity leave has been pretty great so far, yesterday I never got out of my pajamas!  Last night I got pretty good sleep between feedings so I’m feeling refreshed today.

Thanks for your patience as I haven’t posted much lately. I’m not sure if I have the stamina and/or time for a separate mom/baby blog…still comtemplating it, but if not, I’ll continue posting snippets of baby Juliet on Eat Drink Pretty.  Here is my sweet little girl yesterday morning wide awake, I adore those eyes!

We’ll be back tomorrow with a quick 2 week update!