My birthday was awesome.  My coworkers/friends (Sasha and Maija) hosted a wonderful shower for me with a delicious cake and lots of sweets.

Maija and Sasha took my maternity photos and played them on a loop on a huge screen. My coworkers were more than generous with gifts, I’m pretty sure Erik and I are set for Juliet’s arrival.
When I got home Erik was busy making dinner.
He created the menu that included crab legs, carrots, a pear/gorganzola salad and mashed potatoes.  It was delicious, he did an amazing job.

Even though he made the cake from a mix, I was hugely impressed.  He made a two layer cake and mastered the art of frosting it.  It was beautiful.
And delicious!
After dinner we were full and lazy and spent the rest of the evening lounging on the couch. 

Thanks to everyone for making it a great day!