Juliet is one week already today. Wow. What did I even do last week? It’s been a blur. A sleepless, snuggly, beautiful blur.  And Erik went back to work today (boo) so it’s just me and the little sweetie.  We have a busy day planned of napping, eating, cuddling and a visit to the dr.  Please wish me luck on my first venture outside of house alone with the baby.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a separate blog to talk about all things baby (specifically my baby), mom stuff, etc. It would be more of a personal blog, meant mostly for myself, to document baby Juliet’s milestones and everyday in between and also to share things like the birth story, which I know a lot of you are interested in hearing. Also, it would be a great opportunity to get advice from all the amazing moms that already read Eat Drink Pretty. Mostly though, I think/act like a blogger…taking photos constantly and wanting to share my exeriences, so a mom/baby/personal blog would be the place to do that (and not Facebook!). This would not be a blog where traffic-building is a goal.

So that’s where I’m at. We’ll see if another blog unfolds (first, it would need a name!). After some thinking I decided that Eat Drink Pretty isn’t really the place to share things like a birth story, the same venue where someone might be coming to get a quiche recipe…you know what I mean???

In meantime, I will provide snippets of Juliet and what I’m up and I still have a few posts coming up including my maternity photos and Juliet’s nursery.

Thank you for all your continued kind words for me and baby girl!