Thanks so much for all the congrats and sweet words for our new baby girl, Juliet. The first few days at home have been spent with a very sleepy baby, lots of cuddling as well as:

  • Dealing with a bit of jaundice and photolight therapy to treat it.  It’s a little stressful but she is doing better now thank goodness.
  • Daily dr. visits to track the jaundice and weight gain.
  • Constant feedings.
  • Plenty of skin-to-skin snuggling.  One of the best things in the entire world, hands-down.
  • Visits from friends and family (thanks you guys!)
  •  Lots of photos of her sweet “newborn-ness”.  Erik has gotten annoyed with me and my camera just a few times.

It sounds like you are all interested in hearing her birth story and I definitely will be posting it soon but need to find the time to sit down and write it!