What happens when you host a Super Bowl party and ask your guests to each bring an appetizer? A random-ass menu, that’s what!

I sent an email this week to our guests and asked everyone to respond with what they planned to bring.

Here’s the menu:

Cookies – Nick and Deanna
Veggie tray (not pictured) – Nick and Deanna
Buffalo chicken dip (photo credit to Franks Red Hot sauce) – Erik and Jenna
Slow-cooked beef sandwiches (not pictured) – Erik and Jenna
Taco dip – Libby and Biffer
Fruit pizza – Willie and Summer

Seems random but you know what? It was be delicious. Especially the cookies and fruit pizza because I’m into sugar these days.

I love football. Wait, what? No I don’t.  But I do love any gathering that gives me the excuse to make buffalo chicken dip.  It’s the best dip ever.  Trust me.

What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday???