Valentine’s Day evening was relaxing and filled with good food and quality time with Erik (he bought me pretty pink roses!).
We baked the cake on Monday evening and frosted it on Valentine’s Day.  Erik did most of the work. 
I didn’t really taste the batter but I wanted to.

The cake was homemade from this red velvet cake recipe.  We used store-bought cream cheese frosting.
Erik is awesome with frosting cake!  He was such a perfectionist about it.
Our heart shaped pepperoni and mushroom pizza was delicious (though not the best shaped heart).

How gorgeous is this cake?! 
It was really tasty, I would make this recipe again for sure.  I realize that is a huge piece of cake in front of me.  Erik and I shared it, I swear.

We packed the rest of the cake up and Erik took it to work with him today.  As much as I’d love to I really shouldn’t eat a whole cake this week!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day!