Juliet is 3 weeks today! Time is flying by, which surprises me because I thought the days would feel longer. We haven’t gone out much (yet) because I’m avoiding crowds the best I can until Juliet is a bit older (we’ll probably start going out in another week or two).

Our time is spent hanging out at home all day, mostly in the living room and nursery.  We take naps (well, I try to nap when she does but it rarely happens), breastfeed a lot, and our latest favorite past time is hanging out in the Moby wrap. The Moby allows me to hold Juliet close all day while she naps or is awake but I have two hands to do things like eat!

Juliet is more alert these days and a bit more fussy (to be expected now that she’s out of her super sleepy phase).  We have gotten a couple 3-4 hour stretches of sleep in at night which feels amazing, but besides that she is still eating every 2-3 hours (more like every 2 hours at night).  We’ve seen a lactation consultant twice since being home from the hospital and Juliet is doing amazing at breastfeeding (lactation consultants are a new mom’s dream, so helpful and supportive).  She is gaining weight like a champ and is beginning to sport a double chin and chubby cheeks that I kiss all day long.

I wanted to include some of my favorite baby items that I can’t live without right now:

Burp cloths – we have these placed all over the house so they’re always within an arm’s reach.  You can never have too many.  We are super lucky and received tons of hand made burp cloths as gifts. 

The Moby Wrap – I adore this!  The lactation consultant showed me how to wrap it and now I’m obsessed.  I want to carry Juliet around in this thing until she’s 18!

Any and all breastfeeding supplies – including my breast pump, drying rack, bottle cleaning brush, storage bags, etc.  These things are not exciting but are invaluable. 

Pacifiers – I was told by a lactation consultatnt (the one that taught the breastfeeding class I took) not to introduce a pacifier until at least a month.  Um…that sooo didn’t happen.  We gave her one around a week and a half.  My friend Mel is a pediatrician and actually recommended giving her one early on.  Babies need to suck to be soothed. Juliet likes her paci, but we try to only give it to her around nap time, night time and if she is being super fussy.

Couple questions for all you moms:

Juliet doesn’t like sleeping in her pack n play (we have it right next to our bed in our room).  She prefers to be held to sleep or to sleep in bed with us).  I know bed-sharing is supposedly a no-no (I would do it in a second every night while she is an infant if it wasn’t considered unsafe) and I need my girlie to sleep better at night.  Do any of you use the Fischer Price Rock N Play Sleeper?  I’ve read mixed reviews on Amazon (some saying it contributes to flat head, scary!) but moms on The Bump swear by it.  Or how about the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper?  I’m thinking the co-sleeper would be best because she would be closer to me but it’s really not that much different than having the pack n play next to my bed. 

What do you think is my best option?  Oh and I realize Juliet is still super young and her sleeping patterns/needs are pretty normal.  I just want her to be as comfortable as possible and am considering other options then the pack n play. 

And finally I wanted to let you all know that after talking with a bunch of friends and receiving comments/email advice, I probably will not be starting a separate mom/baby blog.  Instead I’ll be incorporating that content into Eat Drink Pretty.  It won’t be constant, but probably on Thursdays for sure (Juliet was born on a Thursday and I’ll be doing weekly updates).  Everyone thought, and ultimately I agreed, that there is no way I’d have time to maintain two blogs and also work full-time (which I’ll be doing after maternity leave is over).  I hope my regular readers won’t mind this additional content and if so, I would simply recommend avoiding my blog on Thursdays. 

And lastly, big thanks to Liz and Nicole for the cute hat and ruffly diaper cover that Juliet is modeling in her photos.  So cute!