My baby girl turned one month last Friday! I was hoping to get a post up sooner but we have been BUSY. Now that the weather is so nice and Juliet is a little older, we have been taking her out and about. Bringing her out is easy. She is such a good baby. I keep holding my breath thinking, any day now, she is going to turn into a huge spazz baby. But it hasn’t happened yet. I think she just has her daddy’s laid back disposition.

She is so much fun.  I love her silly facial expressions when she’s awake and alert and also her sweet, peaceful look when she’s sleeping.  Her lips get pouty and full when she’s asleep and I just stare and stare at her. 

Juliet has started getting pretty strong and moves her neck/head from side and side and can hold it up for moments at a time.  She doesn’t like tummy time too much and she actually rolled over about a few days ago.  I told Erik that was an anomoly and it probably won’t happen again for a while, babies don’t usually roll over until at least 4 months (right?).  She is still quite an eater but we are continuing to work on technique (isn’t it weird that there is proper technique to breastfeeding? I had no idea).  I love seeing Juliet gain weight and I think to myself proudly, I am helping her to grow! 

And though Juliet is more alert and active my favorite pasttime continues to be sitting with her quietly and snuggling, as I hear the phase when they love to lie on your chest is fleeting, so I take advantage of doing it every minute I can.

Like I mentioned, we have been busy!  But with a baby it’s a different kind of busy.  We have a lot of family time.  St. Patrick’s Day couldn’t be more different now that Juliet is here.  Without a baby, we probably would have been downtown St. Paul drinking green beer (well, Erik for sure would have been).  This year we went to my parent’s house to celebrate with my siblings.  It was a lot of fun, just a different kind of fun!
Yes we dressed a very non-Irish little girl up for St. Patrick’s Day.
I whipped up some green, festive non-alchoholic beverages that had Sierra Mist, limeade and lime.
They were super refreshing and more than once I thought to myself how they would have been great with vodka :)
There is nothing wrong with store-bought cupcakes and cookies!  Weight Watchers starts today so I loaded up on sweets as though I’ll never eat them again.
Not pictured, my sister and her husband made a delicious Shepherd’s Pie.

And of course, grandma and grandpa can’t get enough of Juliet and she loves spending time with them. Saturday was the third time we saw grandma last week!

We are looking forward to another week on maternity leave, it is supposed to rain a bit all week so we may be having lazy days on the couch, which is fine with me after such a busy weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, did you do anything crazy for St. Paddy’s Day??