Juliet turned 7 weeks yesterday. We have been busy gals this week. Between the almost hourly feedings (apparently growth spurts result in almost constant eating) and less than optimal naps, it sometimes feels like one long breastfeeding session BUT, I really can’t complain because the little girlie isn’t so little anymore. We haven’t officially gotten her weighed (that will happen at her 2 month appointment coming up soon) but we weigh her on our digital scale at home (I weigh myself, ew, and then hold her and weigh again and subtract the difference) and we think she is over 10 lbs already. That is insane to think about because she was down to 5 lbs 8 oz a couple days after birth. She is no longer a teeny newborn but now a chubby baby with a beautiful double chin and rolls on her legs that we love.

This week was a lovely spring week and I made the decision to let laundry wait and let the dust bunnies on the floor accumulate (it shows) and instead get out and about.  Here is what Juliet and I have been up to:

  • Lunch with my friend Jill and shopping at the Mall of America
  • Hanging with grandma Connie (my mom) and taking a walk to get frozen yogurt
  • Shopping on in St. Paul with my friend Natasha and her son Jude, getting coffee and stopping at the patio at Salut for wine
  • Dinner at Eat Street Social (without Juliet) with girlfriends Emily, Shannon and Natasha.  This was the longest I’ve been away from Juliet and it went just fine.  She hung out with daddy and didn’t even know I was gone.  I enjoyed a delicious glass of sauvignon blanc and a seared tuna sandwich that was divine.

Juliet loves her stroller and being in the Moby so even when we’re out, if she’s in the Moby I feel like we’re snugging, which is awesome.  She loves feeling the light breeze on her face when we’re outdoors and looking at the blue sky and trees.  She is often very alert when we’re outdoors, just taking everything in.

We have a busy weekend ahead and are looking forward to having a big brunch on Easter with my parents.  Juliet is sure to be wearing a pretty dress!