{Juliet and I on a walk on a gorgeous day on one of the last days of my maternity leave}

Today is my fourth day back to work. The week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Emotional. Busy.

The transition back to work has been hard.

I really miss Juliet. But…the actual work part is pretty good. As I’m driving into work in the mornings sometimes I think it feels like I was never really gone. My coworkers are great and it’s so good to see them again on a daily basis. I’ve done a project or two that has been fun and reminds me I like advertising and media. I have a job I enjoy, which makes me really lucky. I pump three times a day which I’ve come to realize is such a huge commitment. Of course it’s worth it because breastfeeding Juliet has been one of the most rewarding and bonding aspects about being her momma. But pumping is a little lonely and just reminds me that I’m not with my baby.

 Juliet has been with Erik’s mom this week, she is staying with us and it has helped us tremendously. I don’t have to worry about dropping Juliet off anywhere and she gets to be within the comforts of her home. Grandma Karen dotes on her all day and I can tell they are having fun.  This has helped the transition a lot and I am so grateful.

 I know it gets easier each day so within the next few weeks I’m sure this will be the new normal. Juliet still has a late bedtime, she doesn’t go to sleep until about 9-9:30 so that means I get at least 3 hours with her each evening, which I cherish. I can’t imagine when she starts going to bed earlier.

Which all brings me to say…it’s been so hard finding time to blog. I’m so exhausted by the time Juliet goes to bed that I go to sleep at the same time. So blogging has definitely taken a back seat. I really hope I can get back into it because I have so many posts in my head waiting to be documented. Juliet turning 3 months (she is such a big girl, I can’t believe it!), the birth story is almost written and I have a couple amazing days that I want to share during the final weeks of my maternity leave (a day spent in Uptown Minneapolis with Erik and Juliet and a fabulous lunch and walk around the lake with my BFF Kristin). So stay tuned for, what I think is, a lot of good stuff.

Working moms, I’d love any advice you have on how to make this transition easier or anything in general that you think may help.