I am still here. But still busy.

We spent the weekend in North Dakota. Juliet slept almost the entire drive (it took us about 7 hours each way) with the exception of stopping to eat once. We relaxed and hung out with Erik’s relatives all weekend and Juliet met a bunch of her aunts and uncles. Her sleep has been off since the trip and with me going back to work and I hope it gets better soon. This momma is very tired.

I have some of the cutest photos from our trip to post and I really really really hope to write a North Dakota post it tonight. In the meantime, here is an instagram pic of my little sweetie.

Being back to work is a teeny, tiny bit easier this week but I still got teary after I dropped her off at my mom’s house yesterday. She is so smiley and happy in the mornings and I am sad to miss spending more time with her. BUT, I know grandma and Juliet has fun together and I still get my time in the evenings…and I know it will continue to get easier in time.

I make the weekends count more than ever and am planning a fun Saturday with my little girl…we are going to the farmer’s market and then to mommy/baby yoga. Can’t wait!