Little miss Juliet turned 4 months last Saturday. 4 beautiful months.

Month 4 brought a lot of milestones including:

  • Juliet’s first laugh (this is one of the best sounds in the entire world)
  • She began blowing bubbles with her lips (grandma Connie taught her this)
  • She rolled over! Daddy saw this and I was in the kitchen baking muffins.  I ran to them and we tried to get her to do it again but she just stared at us like, what’s the big deal?  And it hasn’t happened again since. 

Juliet smiles all the time now, especially in the mornings.  This makes leaving her to go to work particularly hard because all I want to do is stay with her and play all day!  But…being back at work has definitely gotten easier in the past couple weeks.  I’ve been back for a month already.  Though it’s gotten easier, it will never be easy.  I’ll always miss her when I’m away during the day.  But I know Juliet loves being with grandma all day and I see her learning and growing a lot with my mom. 

Being a working mom is hard, I feel pretty tired almost all the time.  But it’s a kind of tired that I’m used to by now.  The tiredness gives me a shorter fuse than I normally have though and I’ve totally snapped at Erik more than once since being back to work (sorry honey).  Things like traffic and construction are enough to make me feel like I could totally lose it.  Like I said…I have a shorter fuse.  Hopefully this corrects itself over time. 

Juliet is now in 6 month clothes.  She is growing so big!  Her thighs have a bunch of rolls and that double chin of hers is still going strong.  And those cheeks?  Oh my goodness I love those chubby cheeks. 

Juliet gets easily distracted now because she is interested in everything so even during breastfeeding, she’ll break away and look around, talk and smile. 

We go in for her 4 month appointment next week and I am dreading the shots!  But I am looking forward to seeing how much Juliet weighs now (I’m guessing around 15 pounds) and to see how long she is.  I feel like her growth from month 2 to month 4 has just been tremendous and sometimes I come home from work, scoop her up in my arms and wonder, did you grow bigger today? 

Like everyone says, each stage, each month gets better and better.  I toggle between wanting her to stay my sweet little baby forever to being excited to see what’s next with her.  It’s such a fun adventure.