I received an email from a reader yesterday and I wanted to address her concern in a post. I assume that because I have received this email, it’s likely that some of my other readers are wondering the same thing. And so here it is.

Her email:

“I have been reading your blog for some time now and in the past have found many wonderful ideas for entertaining. While I congratulate you on your new baby, I have to wonder if the purpose of your blog still stands. Just a reminder that many of us who read your blog do so for its intended purpose, entertaining, not to view and keep up with your personal joys in new motherhood. My intention is not to diminish your joy in sharing but to prompt thought in where it is best to share your joy and whether the blog’s title is actual being served.”

My response:

“I appreciate your email and feedback. This is something I’ve been thinking about since I had Juliet and in an ideal world, I would have a separate blog to capture memories and share stories about my baby girl, however, it just isn’t feasible right now. In the future I may remove that content and place it on a new blog but that is all TBD.

What I don’t think a lot of my readers realize is that I don’t have a blog to make money. It’s a hobby, plain and simple. My readers visit my blog because they enjoy the content and it’s free, they don’t pay for a subscription for access. I don’t have big advertisers that pay me monthly or make commission off links from product recommendations. At best, I have small advertising that maybe covers my Starbucks habit on a monthly basis.

My point is, I don’t have the pressure of paying advertisers or paying readers that would require me to focus only on specific genres for content creation. And that allows me freedom to write and post about anything I want. I realize that some readers may only be interested in the food/entertainment aspect of my blog but there are many other readers that are personally interested in personal/lifestyle type content that often includes subjects other than parties and food. I have always written about my life, with food and parties as the center, but now the center of my world is something different. I truly hope to be able to continue writing about recipes/food and parties but it will likely not be as frequent as before. With working full-time and having a baby, I just don’t have the time I had before. I don’t know how some of these other bloggers do it! I hope you continue visiting.”

And there you have it. Right now, my life is all about baby/work/hubby and even my sweet kitty Kody has been needing more of my attention…so blogging comes later. I still love this blog and love the creative outlet it has provided me, the sweet and supportive readers I have connected with and a passion for food and parties that has grown from it.

I do think I’ll get back to more frequent foodie/party posts in time.  So if you choose to be patient and continue visiting (and hey, maybe you may even like seeing posts of my baby girl), I thank you.