A couple weekends ago Juliet and I tagged along with my sister and her husband to a trip to a Wisconsin pizza farm. Erik was out of town visiting some buddies so it was just Juliet and I for 5 whole days.  We missed him but enjoyed lots of quality mommy/daughter time.

When my sister asked if we wanted to join them I jumped at the chance.  Katie and Drew are the kind of people who make a list of really fun things they want to do and then actually do them. Like go to a pizza farm.  Drew’s friend Dan and his two kids (ages 2 and 1) came along, too.

The farm was about two hours away so we made a whole afternoon/evening of it.  We stopped at the Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery and sampled some wines and ciders.  I bought a really tasty Pinot Grigio.  Oh and also got super buzzed off a half glass of wine.  I don’t drink much anymore.  The winery was a great first stop, we hung out for about an hour, sipping wine and enjoying the nice weather while the kids played and ran around.
My sis and a chilled, delicious glass of Pinot Grigio.
Our next stop was the Pickle Factory in Pepin, Wisconsin. The restaurant is right on the river and has pretty views.  I ordered a strawberry smoothie and the table shared a couple orders of fried pickles.  They were awesome.  The Pickle Factory was a fun stop BUT with a baby, a one and two year old at the table, things were a bit chaotic, to say the least.

And then we arrived at the Stone Barn pizza farm.  It was a breathtaking sight.  Lush green for miles and a pretty stone outdoor restaurant with a giant wood-fire oven.

It was close to 90 degrees this day and man did I feel bad for the guy working the oven.

The pizza was delicious and awesome, seriously some of the best I’ve ever had.  We ordered two (you can do half toppings) so we did a supreme, hawaiian, southwest and margherita.

Katie and Drew post pizza feast.  We were all pretty full at this point.
The view from our table.
Beer sounded really good to go with pizza.  And it was.

I couldn’t have asked for my sweet girl to be happier than she was that day.  She loves being outside and got a good nap in on the way, so she was very alert and taking everything in.
It was an awesome trip to the pizza farm. We’ll definitely be going back next summer.