{Photo taken on my iPhone with instagram}

This little one is the best part of my day, everyday. Along with my hubby, of course. Unfortunately, like everything else in my life, the hubs definitely gets less attention than he used to.  He joked with me that the priority order in our household goes like this: Juliet, then technology, then the kitty and then him.  He was joking of course but it does have some truth to it.  I really wish I could learn to turn off technology every once in a while.

Work went from normal to crazy this week. It’s really hard finding balance (aka I have none).

I get about an hour (if I’m lucky) with Juliet in the evenings and it is not enough. Not even close.

But it’s Friday. The rest of the weekend you will find Erik and I with a chubby little girl in our arms every. single. second.

Have a great weekend!