Juliet turns 5 months today. We took these photos on Sunday after her baptism. It was a busy weekend!  I love her pretty dress, a gift from her aunt Chris (and godmother).  Juliet is such a funny girl.  Every time the camera comes out she just stares, not smiling, just looking kinda goofy.  But still so damn cute.  I love her silly expressions!

Juliet’s 5th month brought a few milestones:

  • She learned to grab her toys and made the connection between her hands, objects and her mouth. 
  • She started sucking her thumb.
  • She learned how to fuss.  I’m not sure this is really considered a milestone but with this month came a different kind of cry….a cry that can be turned on and off in a second and be replaced with a smile as fast as can be.  
  • More rolling over, about 4 times total.  And guess how many times momma has witnessed this?  None!  Grandma and daddy are the only ones that have seen her rollover.  
  • Talking.  Ok, she doesn’t really talk.  But she will squeal, laugh and make sounds for minutes as if she’s holding a conversation with you.  Love this.
  • She has developed major curiosity.  She can barely breastfeed for longer than a minute or two before unlatching and looking from side to side, worried that she may have missed something.  
At Juliet’s 4 month appointment her pediatrician said she could be started on solids now.  I don’t know if we’re quite ready yet but probably soon (so many resources say it’s best to wait until 6 months but I also trust my pedi so we’ll probably start in a couple weeks or so).  Erik and I are very excited about this and I plan to make her food homemade.  We’ll see if I stick to that though because I know the pre-packaged organic foods are super convenient and babies love them. I think we’ll try organic rice cereal first, just to get her used to the texture and then go to avocado and sweet potatoes.  
Juliet’s baptism went great yesterday.  Erik’s family was in town all weekend and we enjoyed spending time with them.  Juliet got loads of attention but took very few naps.  She did great during the church service but then wasn’t too happy during brunch.  She was just overtired I think.  
It’s almost been 2 months since I’ve been back to work and I think I’m finally back into the routine.  I don’t feel as tired anymore (coffee helps!) and I no longer feel a huge pit in my stomach everyday when I’m not with Juliet.  I still miss her tons during the day and by Friday I am so ready for the weekend to be with her.  My mom continues to give Juliet the best care when I’m at work which has contributed to making this easier on me.  I am sort of dreading bringing her to daycare in September.

Juliet has been sleeping in her crib, in her nursery for almost a month.  Erik really pushed for us to transition her from co-sleeping/bedsharing and though I wasn’t really ready yet, in the end it has been for the better.  She sleeps great in her crib and we all get more sleep as a result.  Juliet’s bedtime is around 7:30-8ish and she sleeps until around 3-4am for her one feeding during the night.  I feed her in bed with me and sometimes she sleeps with me until it’s time to get up.  That way, I still get plenty of snuggle time with her but the majority of the night she is sleeping in her crib. She is pretty good sleeper and I know how lucky we are.

Playing with Juliet is so much fun.  We sing, laugh, play with toys, dance and she loves the interaction.  I love seeing her change and learn new things everyday.  I adore her so much and cannot believe she is already 5 months!