Well I lied when I said I’d have a post earlier this week. The internet was supposed to be set up on Monday. It wasn’t. So no blogging for me. But work was super insane all week anyway so as soon as Juliet went to bed I was working which meant no blogging. No fun at all.

What is fun is watching my little one eat solids. So far we’ve just given her rice cereal. She loves it. Today I bought carrots and green beans at the farmers’ market. I steamed and pureed the carrots and we’re going to give those a try tomorrow. I hope to make the majority of her food but we’ll see how it goes. I used our blender and it didn’t work the greatest in terms of getting a smooth puree. Are those special baby blenders/bullets worth it?

We’re all settled, for the most part, into our new home. When my husband and I decided we were going to move, we spent a lot of time looking at houses online. We must have looked at hundreds before the this one came on the market. It was the only house we had a realtor show us in person. And we made an offer the same night. Erik and I aren’t really “go with your gut” kind of people. I do tons of research and Erik is usually very thoughtful about big purchases. But for some reason with this house we just knew it was meant to be. And I really really love it. It felt like home the first night we slept here. Juliet’s nursery is being recreated as closely as I can to the one she had at our other house. I was a bit sad packing up the place we brought our precious girl home from the hospital to.   But this is a new chapter and we’ll have lots of new memories here.

Erik, Juliet and I are heading to a wedding this weekend and will be staying in a hotel. Hopefully it goes smoothly. And hopefully I’ll be enjoying a few glasses of wine at the wedding and doing a little thing called relaxing, which is not a term I’ve been very familiar with lately.  

Happy weekend!