Erik and I had a really nice evening. We grilled steaks, opened a bottle of cabernet and sat outside on our deck and marveled at the quietness of our new house. It’s surrounded by tall trees and we feel like we are tucked away inside our own private little forest. It is really quite lovely.

Erik and I haven’t been on a real date since before Juliet was born.  Well, we grabbed a burger and beer when she was three weeks old while my sister-in-law watched her so I guess that counts.  We also went out to dinner another time, but with Juliet in tow.  Not exactly romantic.  So needless to say we are due.  Overdue.  And having dinner on the deck with him made me realize just how overdue we are.

Anyway, the impromptu date at home was awesome.  Erik grilled the steaks to tender perfection and the wine tasted extra good.  Sometimes it’s the simple things.