My sweet girl turned 6 months last Thursday. When Juliet got up that morning I just stared and stared at her, incredulous that 6 months have gone by. 

This month brought a few milestones:

  • Juliet started sleeping through the night. The real deal, not just the 5 hour deal (which is actually the true definition of a baby sleeping through the night).  She sleeps from 6:30pm (I know…way too early! I want to keep her up and play with her when I get home from work, but she is so sleepy, she has to go to bed) until 5:30am when she wakes up to eat.  I feed her and she sleeps until 6:30am.  She is my amazing sleeper.  I feel so lucky because it wasn’t always this way.  The memories of waking up 6 times a night to feed her every two hours is still very fresh in my mind.  But those feedings/wakings tapered off until we were down to 1-2 feedings and to be honest, when Juliet started sleeping through the night I missed our time together at night, breastfeeding in the peace and quiet. 
  • Juliet had her first solids and loves them.  We started two weeks ago and since she has had rice cereal, peas, carrots, prunes, bananas and green beans.  She pretty much likes everything and I have hope that she will be a great eater. 
  • Overall, she is so much more engaged with Erik and I than ever before.  She loves to play, she loves to be held and grab my face in her hands.  She loves when daddy lifts her high in the air and she squeals with happiness. 
  • We discovered Juliet is ticklish and we have way too much fun with this as she laughs and laughs. 
  • Juliet learned to scream/yell.  And loudly.  Not when she’s crying, just anytime she’s playing with toys and happy. It’s funny and sometimes it’s so loud she startles herself. 

Juliet had her 6 month photo session on Saturday.  95% of the time, Juliet is in a good mood and is the sweetest baby.  So of course, during the session, she had a bit of a meltdown.  I was STRESSED.  These sessions are so important to me (not to mention they are not cheap!) and I want them to be perfect.  Erik was upset because he hates seeing Juliet cry and was trying to cut the session short.  It was kind of chaotic.  Life with a baby is never predictable.  I just hope we still got some good shots.  We had about 20 minutes of a happy girl so I’m sure there are a few.  Oh and I can’t wait to see the shots of Juliet and Chloe (her cousin who is 4 months older).  The two of them together are a sight to see.  So cute. 

Happy 6 months my sweet, precious babe.  You make me one happy momma.