{Photos taken using my iPhone 4 on Instagram}

It’s another crazy work week so I’ll keep this short. Here are the highlights from my weekend:

  • Going to a friend’s beautiful, outdoor wedding on a lake
  • Breastfeeding on a dock, such a peaceful moment with my baby
  • Seeing Grandma Karen!
  • Eating peas for the first time.  Juliet made the funniest faces like she wasn’t too sure about them but she finished the whole jar.  On the road we brought Earth’s Best organic peas (otherwise I am attempting to make all her food homemade, so far we’ve made carrots and green beans and it’s been super easy).  I like Earth’s Best if we do the packaged route because the jars can be recycled and the ingredients are literally just the organic vegetable and water and she really seems to like that brand (we also use this for rice cereal). 
  • Spending an entire Saturday morning with Juliet, playing, singing, cuddling and watching her nap. It was awesome. 
  • Eating a steak with a glass of cabernet.