Look at who is getting to be such a big girl! 7 months already. Wow.

This month brought big milestones:

  • Juliet starting sitting, unassisted.  It literally happened overnight about 3 weeks ago.  One day she was super wobbly and couldn’t sit without being held up, the next day she was all “I got this, you can let go now”.  
  • She started sleeping on her tummy at night.  She decided this was the preferred method of sleep, much to my dismay.  I know once they are strong enough to roll over it is perfectly safe to sleep on their tummies, but I am a high anxiety new momma and I find myself staring at the video monitor at night and checking in on her multiple times.  Juliet continues to be a good sleeper, for the most part, and only once in a while wakes up at 3 or 4am to eat or for some soothing. 
  • Being a bouncy baby in her jumperoo.  My mom bought her one a couple months ago and Juliet would just sit in it and play with the toys.  Now she jumps and laughs and yells.  Her legs move like a little Irish dancer and I am way too entertained by this.  The iPhone videos of her bouncing are out of control.
  • Juliet started daycare.  My mom watched her all summer and boy was she spoiled.  Rocked during her naps, held all day, lots of stroller rides.  It was a great summer for grandma and Juliet and I was so happy knowing my sweetie had the best care.  The day after Labor Day I dropped my sweet girl off at daycare.  It is a great in-home daycare and good friends of ours take their little one year old girl there.  Juliet has been doing really well and making new friends.  The older kids adore her and when I drop her off in the morning they exclaim with joy, “Juliet is here!”, which I find so sweet and adorable.  The only tears with the daycare drop-offs have been mine, but I’ve been doing a lot better the past week or so.  
Sweet girl, the best part of each day is coming home to see you.  We have so much fun in the evenings playing with toys, reading, eating yummy squash and green beans (your faves) and snuggling while you breastfeed.  Our weekends are filled with so many fun adventures; the apple orchard, long walks with daddy, visits from Grandma Karen and Uncle Justin, sleeping in and cuddling in bed and lots of family time with grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousin Chloe.  
Just as every parent I know has told me, it gets better and better everyday.  I love seeing you take in the world with your beautiful, big eyes and you make me so happy with your smiles and giggles.  Momma and daddy love you way too much, girlie! Happy 7 months!