{Photo credits: Martha Stewart}

I’m sure you’ve guessed by my lack of posts lately that I’m busy as hell. It’s work, mostly. It’s been insane.  I work after Juliet goes to bed. I wake up early and work before I leave for the office.  I work on the weekends. I am counting down the weeks until my busy season is over and I can go back to a 40 hour work week. It can’t come soon enough.  Other busy working moms…seriously, how do you do it? 

And though I will always prioritize any free time I have to spend with Juliet, there are times when I miss baking.  I used to bake up a frenzy.  Weekends were free and time was endless.  I’d bake bread and nap when the dough was rising.  Breakfasts always included homemade muffins or scones.  Those days are long gone!

So now if desserts are even on the radar, they have to be easy.  These no bake options seem right up my alley.  My sweet tooth never went away after my pregnancy and most evenings I open the pantry hoping to see some cookies or anything sweet, even though I am the one who grocery shops and rarely buy that stuff. 

Chocolate covered bananas
Peanut butter chocolate parfaits

Do you have any super easy baking recipes?  Please share!