My sweet girl is 8 months today! Her little Vikings jersey is for her daddy, a HUGE Vikes fan.  Otherwise I would have liked to put her in a cute dress, but…we gotta show some love for daddy, right?!

Here are her latest milestones:

  • Juliet got her first cold! Boo. It happened during her third week of daycare. Everyone told me to just wait and see, that she would be getting sick soon after starting daycare. Erik had been going around and bragging that “his girlie never gets sick”. Well…she did get a little sick, but it wasn’t too bad. Lasted about 7 days and she never seemed to notice.
  • She stopped sleeping through the night.  Another boo.  I’ve heard of sleep regression and I guess this must be it.  I think it started as a growth spurt and then became a habit and now she’s been getting up about twice a night.  I am a tired momma but have hope that it’s just a phase.  Erik has brought up letting her cry-it-out in an attempt to get her to stop waking up, but I’m not sure I’m up for that.  In the meantime I’ll be rocking and feeding her.
  • Juliet has been going strong on solids and she has been eating table foods, cut up really small.  She knows how to chew (although she doesn’t have teeth yet) and loves strawberries, peas, black beans and chicken.  She also still gets plenty of purees. I am continuing to make most of her food.
  • Juliet isn’t too mobile yet, but she rolls around quite a bit and every once in a while does a backwards scoot.  She can “crawl” when we let her push her feet off our hands.  I’m not in any hurry for her to be actually crawling and she’ll do it when she’s ready.
  • Juliet has learned how to scream. And loudly. So loud that she scares her cousin Chloe.  I think she learned to scream at daycare.  There are lots of other little kids around and I assume it gets pretty loud there.  Maybe she screams to make sure everyone knows she’s the boss.  
  • Juliet had her first couple of days without her momma.  I went on a girl’s trip up north to Lutsen for two nights and while I was a nervous wreck prior to leaving, the trip was awesome and Juliet did amazing with her daddy.  It was great all around.  I did miss her like crazy though. 
  • This milestone is for me.  I finally started feeling better being back at work.  I realized that I really wouldn’t be happy being a full-time stay-at-home-mom…that just wouldn’t be for me.  I enjoy working and while overtime is a drag, I like what I do and am glad that my job is somewhat flexible.  I can leave the office everyday right at 5pm so I get my evening time with my honey girl, and when things are really busy, I work from home after she goes to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, some extra time at home with Juliet would be a dream (like a part-time gig), but it’s not in the cards right now.  
Everyday my little girl gets sweeter, more fun, more animated and her little personality develops so much.  I love when I walk in the door from work and she lights up and wraps her arms around my neck and buries her face in my shoulder.  She is a very laid back little girl, taking after her daddy in that regard.  She can hang out for hours at a time without any crying or tears at all.  In fact, some entire days go by and I swear she never cries.  She is just a happy little girl who likes to take in everything around her.  She loves her momma and daddy a lot.  Daddy makes her smile and laugh all the time and her favorite pastime with momma is eating.  
Our time breastfeeding continues to be amazing.  If I had to choose one thing I loved the most about being a momma, I would say breastfeeding Juliet, hands down.  It is such great quality time, so awesome for bonding.  Just her and I.  Our special time.  I still breastfeed Juliet about 3-4 times a day and plan to continue doing it for quite a while.  I’ll let her wean when she is ready and if that’s not until she’s two then so be it.  In fact, I hope to do it until then.  We’ll see what happens.  
These 8 months have gone by fast but I have tried my best to take every second with Juliet in and appreciate this time with her.  When we breastfeed I put away all technology, anything that might be distracting, and just sit in her rocking chair or we lay in bed and I just stare at her, talk to her, brush her hair, stroke her soft skin.  I know I’ve said this already but it. is. the. best.  The absolute best.  
Happy 8 months my sweet little sugar plum.  Momma loves you more than you could possibly ever know.